Elements of Sci-Fi in Crime Film Enough to be Dangerous

Enough to be Dangerous is a thriller / crime drama. However, the plot depends on various science fiction concepts:

  1. The instigating crime results from abuse of telepresence and human-controlled surgical robots. These are actually real-life nascent fields. In ETBD, we show a potential way in which teleoperated medical manipulators could become weapons. However, as a transhumanist and biotech robotics programmer myself, I am definitely not trying to demonize this technology.

  2. The concept of product "cloning" is used, i.e. high-tech knockoffs. Again, this is based on real life scenarios of counterfeit goods manufactured in secret factories.

  3. The main character, Herbert Drome (a private investigator), uses and abuses memory enhancement drugs. They are referred to at one point as "nootropics"--in reality, the term nootropics covers not only memory enhancement but also attention, motivation, etc.

In Enough to be Dangerous, they are stolen prescriptions sold by a drug dealer. Unfortunately, they are addictive. Advanced memory abilities gives Herbert an edge for recalling and comparing subtle clues.

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